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Okay it was about 7% from the book so I'm very glad I did go buy it and read it last week but I very much enjoyed it.

Sean Bean as Zeus was way hot (and a big douche)
IDK who Poseidon was but he was cool.
& Steve Coogan as Hades was pretty cool. He acted him as I've always pictured Hades (sarcastic as shit) but IDK I expected him to be a hot badass (okay I'm just easy). Hades is my favourite Greek God forever and ever. (Bring on Ralph Feinnes & the Titans film)

But yeah I liked how they did it, close enough to the books to include the important bits but still a completely different story (sort of). Also the number of randomers I vaugely recognised as the Greek Gods in the "meeting" was kind of funny, especially Stella from CSI.

Overall an 8/10.

Also unexpected Grover dancing to Lady Gaga was kind of incredible

Date: 2010-02-14 12:57 am (UTC)
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I felt the same way! I had heard several people, who'd been to screenings and such, say that it was cool but not really like the book at all. So, I was prepared for the way it was laid out, for the most part, and I enjoyed it more b/c of it!

I knew that Kevin McKidd was supposed to play Poseidon but when I saw him on the big screen I was like damnnnnn, he looks hot as Poseidon! XD


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