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Because we're awesome me and a few cool peoples have made ourselves a RP of Re-boot Trek! The fun thing is though we're doing it on twitter!

[ profile] twitter_trek!

Simply join the comm, choose a character and make them a twitter. I'm Chekov and we're in need of Uhura & Spock Prime and maybe Scotty too (don't know if someones been pestered in to it yet). Or you can choose yourself anyone else or make up an OC (although we totes want to fill the actual peoples first).

Even if you don't want to play with us go read the logs of our awesome, it'll seriously make you fall off your seat with laughter.

[ profile] twitter_trek[ profile] twitter_trek[ profile] twitter_trek[ profile] twitter_trek[ profile] twitter_trek[ profile] twitter_trek
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So I finally got arround to editing my Shane mood theme for general use so here you go :D

Go HERE for .zip download and instructions
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[ profile] i_am_tre won tickets from Black Gold's myspace to the X-Crawl "festival" that BG played at last weekend, here's my recap of the day....

Black Gold @ Red Bull Bedroom Jam X-Crawl
Hobgoblin Pub, Camden, London.
Saturday 25 April 2009
[Flickr Set]
[Videos (i_am_tre's)]

[Link to my recap]
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So I've finally decided that I'm going to use my insanejournal for reviews! Gigs, Books, CDs, Films etc. Herein is the master post of master posts!

I'll nolonger be posting gig reports etc to my LJ, just cross posting them.

I'll update this list today as they all go up.
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Book number 4 of 50 completed ([ profile] 50bookchalenge)

Title: Boy 2 Girl
Author: Terence Blacker
Blurb/Synop: When Mattherw's crazy American cousin suddenly arrives on his doorstep, it's a big shock for the whole family. Sam is small, blond and wild - with a giant attitude problem - and he immediately starts to wreak havoc on Matthew's social life. Desperate to get their own back, Matthew and his best friends cook up a brilliant, outrageous plot that will humiliate Sam AND deal a stunning blow to the bitchiest girls at school.
Victory is theirs. Until Operateion Sam runs hysterically out of control...
Date Started: 01/04
Date Completed: 02/04
Comments: Dude pretends to be a girl... )
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Book number 3 of 50 completed ([ profile] 50bookchallenge)

Title: Life on the Refrigerator Door
Author: Alice Kuipers
Blurb/Synop: Claire and her mom share thre same house but they live on different planets... While Claire's world revolves around school, shopping and her new boyfriend, Mom is always busy with work, work and more work. But they do have one thing in common: the kitchen fridge. It'as where they leave little notes for each other. It's how they keep in touch. Then one day Claire comes home to a note that's different from all the others.

And life is never the same again.
Date Started: 14.07, 28/01
Date Completed: 15.05, 28/01
Comments: Im a sucker for unconventionally written books so this one, written in notes stuck to a fridge, was bound to be one I liked. Let me tell you I more thank liked it, some notes were short, some more than a page. Sad, angy, happy, loving all beautifull in their own way. Following the struggle people in this situation go through it made me cry in many places.
As a person that loves leaving notes for people it really hits you that this could happen to anyone, I don't know what I'd do if I got home to a note like this.

Now onto Choke by Chuck Palahniuk, finally.
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Book number 2 of 50 completed ([ profile] 50bookchallenge)

Title: Sputnik Sweetheart
Author: Haruki Murakami (translated by Philip Gabriel)
Date Started: 02/01
Date Completed: 14/01 (I fail for taking this long)
Comments: Translated from the japanese, this is the 2nd book I've read... )
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[ profile] i_am_tre was browsing Beckett's blog the other night and mentioned he looked like mr tickle with his 4 man arm span sooo...

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Book number 1 of 50 completed ([ profile] 50bookchallenge)

Title: Selected Works 2004 - 2008
Author: Christopher Gutierrez
Blurb/Synop: ""Sure, you're right, I'll admit I can't write my way out of a paper bag. I'm just a spazz and a criminal who never learned how to keep his mouth shut. But see, I don't mind much; because after the football players, band and prom queens have their evening, I am still here, sitting in the cheap seats and screaming to the kids who clean the field, 'I fucking believe in you.'" - Christopher Gutierrez"
Date Started: 05/01
Date Completed: 06/01
Comments: The fourth book by the bloke largly known as Hey Chris ([ profile] askheychris) from the Fall Out Boy song Grenade Jumper he is a great guy in himself and an awesome author dude.

As his other books... )
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Did this a while ago but not all the songs were guessed so imma do it again, I know y'all can do it!

Put your music library on shuffle.
Post the first lines of the first 25 songs that come up.
The game: Guess which songs the first lines are from!
Google is for cheats a liars.

1: Your lord and master stands on high, playing track 3. The Master from Dr Who playing Scissor Sisters [ profile] kaytvengeance

2: It's a God awful small affair Life on Mars - David Bowie [ profile] jenepherre and [Bad username or site: Life on Mars David Bowie @]

3: I'm a preacher sweatting in the pews Fame < Imfamy - Fall Out Boy [ profile] fetchastereo_x and [ profile] i_am_tre

4: Yeah I got to know your name

5: Boys and girls of every age This is Halloween - Panic at the Disco [ profile] i_am_tre (got the right version)

6: Everything you love turns to dust

7: calm your nerves now, dont worry, just breathTake MY Hand - The Cab [ profile] fetchastereo_x

8: come they told me parumpapumpum Little Drummer Boy - Bing Crosby and David Bowie [ profile] kaytvengeance

9: There is nothing you can do that I have not already done to myself Never wanted to dance - MSI [ profile] _sofiej_

10: Conversation ooo
Deconstruction ooo
Showers me in your introspection

11: When the routine bites hard, And ambitions are low Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division [ profile] kaytvengeance

12: Tommy used to work on the docks Livin on a prayer - Bon Jovi [ profile] i_am_tre

13: Come save me from walking off a windowsill Or I’ll sleep in the rain. Mad As Rabbits - Panic at the Disco [ profile] i_am_tre

14: I wonder if you're going down
Where we all know you get lost

15: Late dawns and early sunsets, just like my favorite scenes Early Sunsets of Monroeville - My Chemical Romance [ profile] hesmagicandmyth

16: s-c-a-n-d- to the a, to the l-o-u-s. Damn you look good and i'm drunk (scandalous) - Cobra Starship [ profile] i_am_tre

17: We've got one chance to break out and we need it now. Black Mamba - The Academy Is...

18: Educated with money, he's well dressed not funny. Boys and Girls - Good Charlotte

19: I like girls, They like me Cookie Jar - Gym Class Heroes [ profile] kaytvengeance

20: I keep my seven on the list.

21: Listen to the lovely sounds of London Radio London Bridges - This is Ivy League [ profile] frogy

22: (1 2 1 2 3 4 youre doing it fucking wrong)
I'm on a midnight death trip.I'm on a mission from God.

23: Have you ever wanted to disappear? 20 Dollar Nosebleed - Fall Out Boy [ profile] i_am_tre

24: I don't know what went wrong, I woke up one day and you had gone.

25: Paper bags and plastic hearts all are belongings in shopping carts the great escape - Boys Like Girls [ profile] i_am_tre
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Yays I got tickets to see FOB for me and [ profile] kaytvengeance so that means that were going with [ profile] i_am_tre and [ profile] ispeaknosound!

Anybody else going to fob in manc on march 5th?

That makes 5 gigs next year so far!

I've got boys like girls and cobra in jan (presuming gabes surgery doesn't interfeer with the tour), forever the sickest kids and katy perry in feb and now fob in march! Also thinking I might try and catch a couple of unsigned nights at the academy.

Anybody from round here know of any decent places for babybands to play? Pubs etc?

Ttfn bbs.
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RPatz is in a film playing the gay. Little Ashes is going to be awesome. Extra plus for him playing Salvador Dali too. I love his art.

And and anybody got any info on the possible Way Baby that might be coming from Gee and Lyn-Z? Jimmy told me abouts it.
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Is anyone going to see him speak/read his book/what the fuck ever he does tonight? Or has been or is going later in the tour?

I found the nexus art cafe for tonight so im going after work. It starts when I get off work so ill be late but still.

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Dreams are just hopes you don't express in the day.
Daydreams are the ones you can't say out loud...
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Cold but open window.
Flip-flops with legwarmers.
Vest top and winter hoodie.
Tights with trousers.
Clouds but sun.
Brown leaves but none on the ground.
Halloween candy but its only the 3rd.
Don't you love autumn?
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Look what Nick found...

Srsly how does one go about bribing a couple off him?

Steff go badger Tomrad for some.

set lists?

Sep. 22nd, 2008 12:44 pm
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Anyone round here know what the set lists were for black gold, metro station, gym class heroes and we the kings for their respective latest uk tour dates? Specifically the ones I went to but I believe its the same for every date.
Bg + metro station in march gch last tuesday and wtk last saturday.
Cobra we got a set list and tai posted a pic of one on their foe that im sure was the same as saturday (with the addition of black mamba).
I'd add broadway calls (may) and the maine (last sat) in too but I've not got any music by them, unless someone can hook me up with that too.

Cheers guys.

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