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So I'm having a bit of a writer's block (artist's block?) on my current poster set I'm supposed to be desiging so I figure'd I'd open the floor to desktop wallpaper requests.

Give me a lyric or quote, one or two colours and your screen resolution and I'll see what I come up with.

Spam me with as many as you like, I'm going to be up late watching the Olympics (damn you Vancouver being so far behind us)
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Because me and [ profile] i_am_tre are awesome and clearly love these guys more than is healthy we're going to three dates on the Black Gold/Neko Case tour in September!

So if any of you guys are planning on treking to see them hit me up! We're doing Preston, Manchester and London. [ profile] _sofiej_ is even coming from Belgium to meet up with us & see the last night of the tour! We're planning on painting the town red after that show (aka we're bankrupting ourselves as it is so we're pulling an allnighter rather than paying for a hotel)

Meetup post is here on [ profile] blackgoldrush & keep an eye on the twitter hashtag #bguktour because we're cool like that and decided we needed a good way to follow the fun (even if it is only me and Jimmy doing the tweeting about it)
Or just add me on twitter marauder_bex
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The Everyone Loves Brendon Meme

[ profile] t_usual_suspect's idea, let's celebrate our love for Mr. Brendon Boyd Urie.

Any Brendon love goes Pics, Icons, Vids, Fics, Music general squee.

I give you my fave Bden pics to start


Bden Forever )

Now it's your turn.

ps pimp to every one, spread the Bden love


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